The sun (and us) have got our hats on! hip hip hip horaay!




Sun!  Sun!  It merits a blog post almost all to itself, but I think Sherlock might take umbridge with that, especially as he pointed out to me last weekend that my blogs read more like weather reports then biographical accounts of what his fishyness has been up to this week.

(For a fish who is disinterested in blogging, he is one of my most avid readers, and should there be any spelling mistakes or inaccuracies he is the first to point them out!)

You’ve spelt it wrong Whiting….

Anyway, yes, the week started with a short excerpt of sun, and with the sun, also arrived Sherlock’s holiday snaps from his time in London with Stuart and Paul.  (given that one of them was always holding the camera they rarely got in the frame together, which is a pity.)



Stuart is the one looking nervously out of the window on the left and Paul is the one on the right.


More disturbing still, was the fact that Sherlock also managed to attract the odd tourist himself looking for a photo opportunity.  And not being at all vain, or interested in fame whatsoever, he of course refused… not.

 Goodness knows who this girl is, but if anyone knows her do let  me know and I’ll get Sherlock to send her a postcard.

 During his London break he had a ride on the London Eye, and popped in to see a few shows, as well as taking in a few of the sites.  

It’s just like being in a moving Goldfish bowl, you’ll like it Stuart, honestly, nothing to be scared of… we’re only… 135 metres up…

I wonder what they do if they have a power cut… best not mention it to Stuart…

See Stuart, it isn’t that bad when you’re on it…

They’ve turned it into a tourist attraction Whiting, can you believe it?

They weren’t real witches of course Whiting.

Hmmm.. nice brickwork…

Anyway, that was London, but what has Sherlock been up to THIS week?

Firstly he got to me the very talented Tracey Edges on Wednesday at BNI.  She has a new exhibition of her work titled “Ec/Lec/Tic” at the Discovery Centre in Cleethorpes for the next month – well worth popping along to if you’re in the area.  She’s also a good friend on twitter and Sherlock and she regularly converse so it was nice to finally meet each other and shake fins.

Friday it was off  to see Geoff Christie, the firm’s solicitor, to look into some legal matters.  Sherlock was quite insulted to be called “intellectual property”. (He didn’t object to the “intellectual bit” obviously – but as a self-possessed-fish he definitely isn’t anyone’s “property”.)

As a result the girls took him out for lunch at the Hainton by way of apology.

 Look Whiting – a fish friendly menu, red meat only!

But truth be told we’ve all been so excited about being invited to a burlesque performance that we’ve spent much of the week preparing for that while the boss has been busy attending to more pressing matters (work).

The theme of the Cat’s Pyjamas burlesque night was “80 dames around the world” – which meant that we really needed to find some appropriate attire.  The boss came up trumps with a French outfit for Sherlock – who became “le Poisson Rouge” for the evening, and I ended up returning to my Scottish Heritage and donning a kilt and a Tam’o shanter.   Sherlock said I could pass as the Lock Ness Monster, especially as most say it’s a sturgeon, but I rather thought calling myself McWhiting for the evening was enough.

We make the boss look good, Whiting, it’s the only reason she’s taking us…

We were of course, heading off to support Eliza Beau (aka Fiona, one of the staff at Red Herring Games) in her dancing debut, and had received a special invitation from Snappy O’Shea organiser of the Cat’s Pyjamas to join the girls on stage that evening – What thrills! – And the photos are already on Facebook!

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Hose-pipe bans and weathermen

This week started as it has every week for the entire month, with rain, rain and more rain.

Whilst it might be cause to grumble the boss insists we must be up-beat about it all as a) it might mean we avoid a hose-pipe ban in the summer and b) it’s good for all manner of people like farmers, wellington boot manufacturers, waterproof coat and umbrella salespeople, and weathermen, as it’s much easier to predict the weather if it simply stays the same every week and these recent weeks of continual rain has probably increased their forecast accuracy by 90%.

The boss then went on to tell me that there used to be a weatherman when she was younger called Michael Fish.  Well, with a name like that, we obviously took an interest.   And it transpired that there was a song she remembered from the 80s all about Michael Fish (well, John Kettley really) being a weatherman, so she let us listen to it one of the dreary wet afternoons:

Monday evening the boss met with CPLinternet who host and run Red Herring Games website.  It seems plans are a-fin to integrate my blog into the new Red Herring Events website due to launch later this year.  Apparently I’ve become famous enough to warrant being integrated fully.  (Nice to know).

Tuesday we were surprised by the arrival of a parcel into the office.  We weren’t expecting any business post, but being curious fish we opened it anyway and discovered that the boss had been ordering herself a new bag from @bagladee who she met through #SBS.

Not being party to the purchase, and with the boss being out of the office that morning, we thought it might be a new fish carrying case, and were going to complain to the boss that it wasn’t really our colour, or indeed quite the right size when she came back in and gave us a good ticking off!!  Fish do NOT live in handbags from @bagladee.

The boss’s attitude reminded Sherlock of one of his fishjokes:

 Why don’t prawns share? Because they’re shellfish.

Needless to say we had a bit of a sulk and didn’t help with any of the chores about the office that day which meant the boss had to clean up her own mess.

Wednesday it was BNI again for Sherlock – this time getting to watch a presentation by the lovely Gill Hardy from Utility Warehouse.  The boss has been with Utility Warehouse for a number of years, but it seems not everyone has heard about them yet, and so not everyone knows they’re the cheapest utility provider in the UK or that most folk can save around £1000 a year with them.  As the firm doesn’t advertise, people find out about them only by word of mouth (or word of fish).  So if anyone wants to save £1000 (who wouldn’t) then just “drop us a line” and Sherlock and I can put you in touch with her directly so she can review your current suppliers and let you know where she can make savings for you.

Thursday we watched the rain yet again pour down from the sky.  It cleared briefly and we had a quick go on the slide just to while away the afternoon while the boss spent the entire day reformatting games so that there were 14, 16, 18 and 20 players as standard on the website rather then just the 13-21 player customisation versions that she’s been hard-pressed to keep on top of since they went live (who knew so many people would be trying to host parties for such large numbers?).

Friday we got to meet Barry Holcombe from Battery Warehouse.  Fortunately he didn’t try to plug anything into us!!

The boss had bumped into Barry at BNI training the other week and arranged a meeting as she thought they might be able to help each other out with some leads (not electrical in nature).  The Battery Warehouse sells batteries to the general public and to businesses at a cheaper rate then most high street retailers, and apparently they love chatting to golf clubs, marinas, caravan parks and garages, as they have no minimum order and really fast shipping.  As they do everything from small AAAs through to car batteries, and as we get through 12 batteries at the time when we run events, the boss was very pleased to chat in more detail – guess where we’re shopping next time!

 Barry also does batteries for mobile phones, which left Sherlock wide open for a last fish joke:

 What do fish use to make telephone calls?…a Shell phone

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A Fish Too Far

The problem with being Sherlock’s biographer, is that he often swims off without me, which means I can’t be a “fish on the spot” to produce his blog!

London was a case in point last week, as he swam of with Stuart (one of our actors) and Paul and had a jolly old time in the capital without me, and other then one fleeting photo…

Ho – Whiting…this is what it looks like from inside the rotating goldfish bowls.  I think I can see Mycroft down there somewhere…

Sherlock has yet to divulge any of his activities from the trip, which leads me to suspect he and the boys got up to something really quite serious in my absence and I’m beginning to wonder if, indeed, he needs a chaperone as well as a biographer…

To top it all off, since his return Sherlock has been complaining that last weekend’s blog hasn’t gone live, but without any photographic proof (which has been promised to me in due course) I am none the wiser as to what those three got up to in London, and as a result, in order to meet his demands it means you, the reader, are stuck with what I got up to in his absence last week.

(Had I known he still wasn’t going to tell me anything about his trip I would have written this all on Saturday, but some fish are just inscrutable…)

Perhaps a large button calculator would have made things simpler…

Anyway, first up last week was the annual stock take required by the accountant.  Sherlock and I both love our accountant, Victoria Hearsey of Clark Hearsey, a) because she’s a vegetarian who doesn’t eat fish and b) because she manages to keep the boss, who can’t do numbers, spreadsheets, book-keeping, or accounting, on the “straight and narrow”.

This is Vicky with Sherlock from a few weeks ago.

It came as quite as surprise to us all quite how much the business has grown in the last year, as this time last year, other then a few gifts and some crime scene tape there really wasn’t any stock worth accounting for.

For those who follow the boss @redherringgames on twitter, you’ll know that we’ve been extremely busy of late with the printer working overtime printing up game packs.  This week saw the culmination of the stock creation work, which she hopes will make things easier in the months to come, though it did have me swimming across the office to reach things until Fiona returned to tidy everything away!

Friday saw me doing to a spot of marketing.  The boss had a meeting planned with Liz at Abby’s to discuss a murder mystery this autumn and so I was tasked with putting together our information pack.  Unfortunately my fins can’t quite get around bow tying, so after finding the small leaflets I passed the lot onto Fiona to titivate into the information pack we give to all prospective clients (which includes one of our chocolate bars and a crime scene bow).

I wasn’t taken to the meeting as I’m not the mascot and the boss was concerned a blue fish might confuse Liz.  As Sherlock was in London, it meant neither fish was in attendance this time.  Fortunately Liz is planning a second meeting and Sherlock has been specially invited up to sit on her plush purple seating.

I’ve been told this is Abby’s in the summer months with outdoor seating and twinkly lights.

After that, it was just a case of watching the rain and waiting for Sherlock to return…

As for Sherlock… although he was out of the office it didn’t stop us communicating … after all, what is the best way to communicate with a fish?… you drop it a line…

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In a flap!

Well,  this week has started much like any other week, with rain.  Lots of it.  It’s becoming quite a feature at Red Herring Games HQ this last month.  Despite popular belief, Sherlock and I don’t actually like rain.

In fact…most fish have an aversion to rain, mainly because anglers are always out in that type of weather, hoping to trick a fish into thinking they’re a fly or some such thing.  Sherlock and I, of course, are not as gullible, and don’t fall hook, line and sinker for anything like that, but rain is still something we shy away from when we can.

Instead we’ve been stuck at the office hot-desking with the work experience student that we’ve had this week and trying to avoid being tasked with any clean up jobs, or game packing, which, as Fiona has been away for a week, has rather piled up…

I don’t think the boss will spot us in the stock cupboard Whiting…especially if we stay quiet.

Tuesday saw a visit from Julia at East Coast Pictures and the big reveal… Sherlock and the rest of Red Herring Games crew in action at Doncaster Racecourse.

Sherlock is, as usual running a competition for those who can spot him in the film clip.  On offer this time is a prize from our cluedo range.  So do email message Sherlock on facebook to be in with the chance of winning that – tell him where and when you spotted him.  He’s actually in three different scenes, (two are very hard to spot) but he will accept the “easy” spot place as an entry this time around…

Quite a view from the top of the water feature Whiting, just as well it wasn’t switched on today…

Wednesday Sherlock went off to Hull for the day to meet with the owners of Heritage Landscape Garden centre with a view to helping them run their own murder mystery night at the café.  Sherlock tells me he was most impressed with the water feature outside.

After a lovely coffee in the café he then went on a tour of Hull popping in the business’s new leaflets to a variety of different hotels and meeting their event managers before stopping at the Pearson Park Hotel for a spot of lunch.  He’s been chatting to Anne at  Hotel for sometime on twitter and thought he’d call in for a face to face meet up.  Sadly she wasn’t there, but that didn’t stop Sherlock treating the rest of the girls to lunch.

I’ll skip on the fish course if you don’t mind!

After that it was all hands to the decks gathering props and making final preparations for the murder mystery at the Brackenborough Hotel on Friday 13th (oooh!).

I just love these CDs from Past Perfect Music Whiting… they’re fabulous to dance to and will go great with the plot on Friday!

We had a last minute panic when one of the actresses was suddenly asked to attend an audition in London on the Friday morning.  Sara is one of our professional actresses and so from time to time things like auditions clash with our work.

Oh!  Whiting!  A kiss from a star!

(This is Sherlock with Sara (one of our professional actresses) after her Hull Truck Performance earlier in the year!)

With some concern as to whether she’d get back in time it meant one of us at the office had to learn the part just in case.  Sherlock gallantly stepped up to the mark, but as the boss pointed out, whilst he may have looked like a flapper, he certainly wasn’t going to pull off the part of Mrs Balderdash during the evening.

Undeterred he tried out for Vincent Cresswell, but as that part had already been taken it was a case of “don’t call us we’ll call you”.

Fortunately Sara did make it back in time!  So alls well that ends well on that score!

Friday morning we spent some time decorating a cake for Stuart, who was playing Vincent that evening, as it was his birthday.  Sherlock turned out to be a dab fin with the icing tubes and we even put some of our birthday bomb candles on it for the chorus of Happy Birthday!

While Sherlock joined the cast and crew down at the Brackenborough I was left to my own devices again back at the office…

Solitaire for a lonely sole…

Sherlock spent the evening getting to know Stuart a little better as he’s off for a boys holiday to the big city next week. Which means I guess, I’ll be the one to tidy the shelf and pack the games again…

What’s left to say… oh, I suppose with another I-spy competition on the go, I ought to mention one of Sherlock’s bad jokes…

What do you call a fish with no eye’s?


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Another week, another blog post…

After all the sun and excitement of last week, you could say this week has been a wash out – not on the business front, but on the weather front! The boss say’s it’s typical for English weather. Bright sunshine and glorious heat the week before the children break up from school and pouring it down with rain the moment the schools’ break up for holiday.

Fortunately Sherlock managed to make the most of the last few days of the weather last weekend and spent the weekend gardening.

This is the life Whiting, sit on lawn mowers… pimms and lemonade… maybe I should change profession, look in the Kelp wanted ads…

With the rhubarb busy taking over the garden Sherlock also tried his fins at making Rhubarb and ginger jam.

Ginger is the key Whiting…  Rhubarb just isn’t the same without it.

With the weather being somewhat miserable, hailing, sleeting and blowing a gail, Sherlock and I spent much of the rest of the week indoors moping about the office and helping where we could as Fiona was on annual leave.

With Sherlock finally forgiven for his photocopying incident, he’s been allowed back in to the “reprographics dept” and has been packing up some of the games as they come off the new machine.

Although the new machine staples and folds automatically, there’s still the assembling to do with a check list to ensure we get all the correct items in the packages and the correct voice over disks with the correct games. With Fiona away we even tried our fins at tidying up in her absence. It didn’t work out too well for some of us…

I said put IT in the bin Whiting, what DO you think you’re doing?!

Friday, as we’d all worked so hard, we were given leave to join the family on a day trip to Iron Bridge Gorge museums.

Sherlock felt quite at home in the Victorian town and turned quite a few heads while he was there (He is such a dapper kipper). It seems they run a Sherlock Holmes weekend, and Sherlock was invited along to join them on the day. Sadly, getting to Iron Bridge isn’t very easy by train and we’ll be reliant on the boss for a lift…

Sherlock took the time while he wandered around to check out the poison cabinet in the pharmacy.

Goodness me, what a lot of poisons were available over the counter back then.

And spent a few minutes reminiscing with the bank manager about the old coinage.

Oh, I remember the old thruppenny bits Whiting…

He then swam around looking at the exhibitions and making quite an exhibition of himself!!  He managed to hop on and off a few old post office delivery vehicles before the boss caught up with him…

How do you post a fish Whiting?…You send it first bass mail!

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A week with the stars!

What a week this has been for Sherlock!  It’s not every day you get to mingle with TV stars, but finally, after winning #SBS in January, Sherlock actually got to shake fins with Theo Paphitis himself! 

The boss just about took his eye out with the knife… could have been an interesting moment.

I didn’t make the official photo – after all, I’m only the biographer… but at least I got to join Sherlock for a sit on Theo’s car…   hmmm   shiny…

We need one of these Whiting!

The boss wasn’t very impressed with our activities… it seems she was very concerned we might set off some car alarm or something… The minute she spotted us on there she whisked us off again, so it was only a short moment, but a very memorable one…

Anyway… as Sherlock would say, I’ve put my tail before my head again and got the week out of order… but the car WAS rather exciting… AND shiny… I wonder how Michael Brown keeps it so gleaming…

Just look how reflective it is Whiting… I can see my face…

As ever, it’s been a busy week.  Following the arrival of the new printer last week (the boss keeps the room locked when we’re left alone at the office just in case Sherlock re-offends), time had come to rearrange the office.

This means, at long last, we have a shelf of our own and don’t have to hot-desk with the rest of the staff.  It’s quite comfortable up here, and we have a decent view of everything that goes on at Red Herring Games Headquarters.

The sign reads “Mrs Hudson please feed the fish” – when the boss goes out for the day, she likes to ensure we are still catered for…

We got taken out to speak at the #GYtweet up on Tuesday.  The boss was giving a presentation on her use of social media, and we had to stay hidden out of sight until her talk.

This meant we lurked under a table while Debs from RedZebra, Alison from Kinetic and Liam from Red Lazer Web presented their talks… the boss thought we weren’t particularly adept at hiding though… she even took a photo to prove it to Sherlock… who of course disagreed.  He is a master of disguise and apparently he was pretending to be a table leg…

There wasn’t a lot of fish at the #gytweet up, just us two, but Debs made us feel at home with her bubbling screen saver which kept us entertained during Liam’s talk.  Bubbles are after all our thing…

Wednesday it was back to our local BNI group, and Thursday was spent prepping for the #SBS meeting, Sherlock even popped in to town to get his eyebrows threaded, while the boss frantically searched for a suitable dress.

Sherlock had his own outfit picked out weeks ago.  So it was just a case of titivating.

Sherlock was dressed for the occasion, deerstalker and bow tie, I came as I was.  I’ve never been one for dressing up.

Friday of course was the #SBS inaugural meeting.  Even I got to come to the meeting as the boss felt that two fish would be better then one for networking.

Just look at the gleam on this Whiting!  It even has M for Murder on the sticky up thing…

The boss was pleased with our activities, shaking fins with fellow tweeters…

Meeting Jacqui from PulseCSI who encouraged us to enter #SBS

… we even helped the boss when it came to asking a question during Theo’s Q and A section.  It seems fish can attract attention when it’s “hands up if you have a question” time.  I suppose that’s something to do with having not just two hands, but 7 fins to wave…

Look, Whiting, look!  even my bowtie and deerstalker show up!  And you look like you’ve got 14 fins not 7…

You can find out what we asked on the boss’s blog here: Jo Smedley

Needless to say the car was THE highlight of the day.  Shiny things please simple fins as they say… probably why so many herrings are hooked by spinners week to week…

But speaking of shiny cars… Sherlock’s just reminded me of one of his #fishjokes:

What fish goes up the river at 100mph?…A motor pike!

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A day at the races!

Goodness me what a whirlwind week!  It started off with Sherlock still on holiday (lucky fish).  And as a lonely sole, the boss decided that I needed a treat at the weekend and took me out for a spin in the car to Cleethorpes to see the vintage fair at the pier.

The weather was glorious, and the Cat’s Pyjamas made a wonderful job of the vintage fair with lots of vintage stalls and some burlesque dancing to boot!  It was a lovely afternoon out, and I got to spend a bit of time with Fiona who, as well as working for us, also dances for the Cat’s Pyjamas and was helping out at the fair.

With a new game “Bump off at the Grind” in progress at the office, the boss is busy researching burlesque dancer names (and dancing plot lines) for an all girl game, which gives me and Sherlock the perfect excuse to tag along to the next event “80 dames around the world” in May.

However, despite the glorious weather down at the beach, the air was still quite chill, and nothing like the 30 degrees Sherlock was boasting about in Gran Canaria.  Rather then strolling too far, we opted instead for a tea and cake at the Beach Restaurant which has an interesting indoor waterfall, and finally a quick play on the Two-penny slot machines before heading back home.  But enough about me.  This is supposed to be Sherlock’s blog…

Due to fly back home on Monday, Sherlock made the most of his remaining time, and had some hard choices to make…

A day by the pool?

A trip to the harbour?  Or a lounge on the beach…?

 Not too many bare-acudas today Whiting!

Regardless what he decided to do, at the end of the day, what could be more relaxing then a glass of Sangria… 

Hmmm…. feeling a little soused…

(Helen tells me he regailed her with lots of tails of his time as a sprat, which I guess means he had one too many at least one evening while he was away…)

Finally, it was time to pack.  First stop… duty free…

Honey rum, Helen’s favourite…

And then, the long wait in departures where Sherlock and Helen took the time for a final rehearsal of the scripts for the event at Doncaster Racecourse.

Once home Sherlock got stuck back in immediately meeting the work experience girl we had at the office this week, and playing with the new printer which arrived from Danwood on Tuesday.  The boss wasn’t too impressed with his activities and he’s been banned from the print room for a while.  Something to do with indecent exposure and paper wastage….

With final preparations for Doncaster Racecourse’s murder mystery in full swing at the office, and the boss still not impressed with Sherlock’s printer activities, I decided to take him out to Cleethorpes for a day trip while the weather held.  A quick swim along the prom and he returned back to the office more contrite and ready for action.

Friday, of course, was our murder mystery evening at Doncaster Racecourse!  For once, Sherlock took hold of the camera and took a photo of me with the East Coast Pictures crew as they filmed Sherlock’s departure from the office that afternoon.

They all arrived in short order at the Racecourse.

He assures me he DIDN’T travel on top of the car all the way there, but just hopped on for a photo opportunity while he waited for East Coast Pictures to catch up with them.  Apparently they drove to the wrong end of the building and while filming a fantastic horse statue outside got locked in by the security team!! – Needless to say the boss “rescued them”, and it was just a short scenic drive around the grounds back to the correct entrance.

One of the film crew trailed the boss during the evening to film a “behind the scenes” You Tube episode, and the other half of the team filmed the “big event” You Tube episode (they’ll both air later this month).  

Poor Andy, the operator in the middle of the three in the photo with me had the hard job of running behind the boss all night.  She did warn him it was a LOT of walking, but I don’t think he quite expected the speed she flew around the building!!  According to Sherlock, Jo would appear in a room with Andy and the camera in tow, but no sooner did Andy set up to film then he’d turn around and Jo would have vanished again to check on another room!

Julia set up some interesting escalator shots and got some brilliant footage of the venue and the guests and we’re all very much looking forward to seeing the end results soon.

Sherlock found the escalators helped his progress around the building no end.

Everyone should have these moving staircases installed Whiting!  The Racecourse must have had fish in mind when they built this place!

There were 2 people who guessed the murderer, means and motive correctly that evening.  And although Sherlock tried his best to lead them after Red Herrings, a further 18 managed to at least guess the correct murderer, which is unusual for a group of that size and just goes to show how many of them really got into the spirit of the game.  Some of the interrogations were quite intensive and the cast did an amazing job!

Anyway – another week over… I wonder what next week will bring?

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