A week with the stars!

What a week this has been for Sherlock!  It’s not every day you get to mingle with TV stars, but finally, after winning #SBS in January, Sherlock actually got to shake fins with Theo Paphitis himself! 

The boss just about took his eye out with the knife… could have been an interesting moment.

I didn’t make the official photo – after all, I’m only the biographer… but at least I got to join Sherlock for a sit on Theo’s car…   hmmm   shiny…

We need one of these Whiting!

The boss wasn’t very impressed with our activities… it seems she was very concerned we might set off some car alarm or something… The minute she spotted us on there she whisked us off again, so it was only a short moment, but a very memorable one…

Anyway… as Sherlock would say, I’ve put my tail before my head again and got the week out of order… but the car WAS rather exciting… AND shiny… I wonder how Michael Brown keeps it so gleaming…

Just look how reflective it is Whiting… I can see my face…

As ever, it’s been a busy week.  Following the arrival of the new printer last week (the boss keeps the room locked when we’re left alone at the office just in case Sherlock re-offends), time had come to rearrange the office.

This means, at long last, we have a shelf of our own and don’t have to hot-desk with the rest of the staff.  It’s quite comfortable up here, and we have a decent view of everything that goes on at Red Herring Games Headquarters.

The sign reads “Mrs Hudson please feed the fish” – when the boss goes out for the day, she likes to ensure we are still catered for…

We got taken out to speak at the #GYtweet up on Tuesday.  The boss was giving a presentation on her use of social media, and we had to stay hidden out of sight until her talk.

This meant we lurked under a table while Debs from RedZebra, Alison from Kinetic and Liam from Red Lazer Web presented their talks… the boss thought we weren’t particularly adept at hiding though… she even took a photo to prove it to Sherlock… who of course disagreed.  He is a master of disguise and apparently he was pretending to be a table leg…

There wasn’t a lot of fish at the #gytweet up, just us two, but Debs made us feel at home with her bubbling screen saver which kept us entertained during Liam’s talk.  Bubbles are after all our thing…

Wednesday it was back to our local BNI group, and Thursday was spent prepping for the #SBS meeting, Sherlock even popped in to town to get his eyebrows threaded, while the boss frantically searched for a suitable dress.

Sherlock had his own outfit picked out weeks ago.  So it was just a case of titivating.

Sherlock was dressed for the occasion, deerstalker and bow tie, I came as I was.  I’ve never been one for dressing up.

Friday of course was the #SBS inaugural meeting.  Even I got to come to the meeting as the boss felt that two fish would be better then one for networking.

Just look at the gleam on this Whiting!  It even has M for Murder on the sticky up thing…

The boss was pleased with our activities, shaking fins with fellow tweeters…

Meeting Jacqui from PulseCSI who encouraged us to enter #SBS

… we even helped the boss when it came to asking a question during Theo’s Q and A section.  It seems fish can attract attention when it’s “hands up if you have a question” time.  I suppose that’s something to do with having not just two hands, but 7 fins to wave…

Look, Whiting, look!  even my bowtie and deerstalker show up!  And you look like you’ve got 14 fins not 7…

You can find out what we asked on the boss’s blog here: Jo Smedley

Needless to say the car was THE highlight of the day.  Shiny things please simple fins as they say… probably why so many herrings are hooked by spinners week to week…

But speaking of shiny cars… Sherlock’s just reminded me of one of his #fishjokes:

What fish goes up the river at 100mph?…A motor pike!


About Sherlock Herring

This blog is maintained by Dr John Whiting the official Biographer of Sherlock Herring - the Mascot of Red Herring Games. (Yes it's true - even the mascot has a biographer...)
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  2. Fun, I love that sherlock has his own blog!

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